If you want to go far, go together.
Mondelēz World Travel Retail has partnered with Child Right’s International through Cocoa Life to provide tricycles in cocoa communities, allowing children and small businesses to reach their full potential. 

The Initiative

The Mondelēz International’s Cocoa Life program aims to transform the lives and livelihoods of cocoa farmers and their communities through making cocoa farming more sustainable, empowering women, educating the young, protecting and restoring forests and inspire lasting, positive change

The Initiative created by Mondelēz World Travel Retail with Cocoa Life aimed at supporting children in Ghanaian communities without schools to have a means of transportation to and from school to access education. The tricycles provided will also help farmers and traders distribute goods and enable transport to healthcare facilities

Transportation is an integral part of almost all human activities. It affects the way in which society is organised, is the heartbeat of any city, town or village and is the basis of interaction for movement to work, leisure, business, and school.

Mondelēz World Travel Retail has partnered with Child Rights International to distribute tricycles across targeted Cocoa Life communities to not only provide transportation to school in rural areas, but improve punctuality, reduce contact hours lost in school, as well as to stimulate excitement for students to enrol or even re-enrol.

Young men and women in the respective communities are being trained to operate the tricycles. The training will be in line with the effort to build the competencies of young men and women to take up employment opportunities in the tricycle operation.

Mondelez World Travel Retail is committed to ensuring that these communities thrive and that community members have an education and platforms for progress enable our cocoa farmers to drive change.

Child Rights International Organization

Who is Child Rights International?

Child Rights International is a non-profit organisation dedicated to the vision of a society where children are given the opportunity to find their identity, realize their worth and develop to their full potential in a safe and supportive environment.

Child Rights International has made a commitment to providing ongoing support for child participation to ensure that children’s voices and contributions are recognized and valued in society, and to reaffirm children’s faith in a better and brighter future.

Mondelez and Child Rights International

Mondelēz International & Child Rights International Child Rights International, a Ghanaian NGO, has been a Cocoa Life implementing partner. Child Rights International’s mission is to promote and protect the inherent dignity of every child, to draw attention to the fundamental needs of children, and to provide assistance to help children develop to their full potential.

Cocoa Life is Mondelēz International’s global cocoa sustainability program. Cocoa is the essence of our chocolate and vital to our business, so we aim to ensure it is ‘made right’. Making it right means tackling the complex challenges that cocoa farmers and their communities face, including climate change, gender inequality, poverty and child labor. Cocoa Life is addressing these challenges holistically across six cocoa-growing countries: Ghana, Côte d’Ivoire, Indonesia, Dominican Republic, India and Brazil. We work in cocoa producing countries, side-by-side with our partners to empower the men and women whose livelihood it is to grow cocoa, focusing on where we can make a difference to grow opportunities: turning cocoa into a more sustainable business, creating empowered communities and conserving and restoring forests. To find out more visit: www.cocoalife.org 


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