As the industry’s confectionery leader, Mondelez World Travel Retail (WTR) is committed to differentiating the channel through:

By merging luxurious packaging, delicious chocolate and cutting-edge technology in one exceptional offering, Mondelez WTR’s limited edition launch of Cadbury Dairy Milk Laser-Engraved Bars provides the perfect blueprint on how to effectively connect consumers through digital innovation and creative storytelling.


In May 2023, Mondelez WTR pushed the envelope of innovation, launching 1000 limited edition Cadbury Dairy Milk Laser-Engraved Bars at Heathrow Airport with Dufry.

Utilizing state of the art laser-etching technology for the first time ever, the confectionery leader created bars with intricately detailed images that celebrated Cadbury’s iconic British heritage.

The innovative and immersive campaign generated significant excitement in-store and online through Dufry’s Emotion+ program, resulting in 500 bars sold in 2 days and all bars sold within two weeks of the launch.

The trail blazing campaign marked Mondelez International’s first foray into fine laser-etching, opening a world of opportunity to continually innovate to deliver exclusive premium products and expand the gifting offering.


The exclusive launch of Cadbury’s Laser-Engraved Bars showcases a 360 rollout of digitization.

In addition, the activation had dedicated screens in-store to create excitement, allowing the Cadbury brand to curate a truly captivating and unforgettable shopping moment.

Delivering unique moments in travel retail is a key pillar of our evolved category vision as we believe it effectively connects with one of our emerging and most important target audiences: Gen Z shoppers.

According to m1nd-set, they will make up 1/3 of the population and by 2028, meaning that Gen Z travelers will account for the biggest consumer group. They are the first generation to grow up among social media, so naturally, this is where they spend most of their time.

Using our consumer-driven insights, Mondelez WTR incorporates digital platforms through Dufry’s Emotion+ program to connect directly with Gen Z, a generation that enjoys instant gratification and in-store experiences, which is exactly what this campaign delivers.

Our industry research further tells us that their status is dictated more by experience than what they own, they prioritize the purchasing experience over the quality of the product, it also shows that virality is fundamental to the Gen Z way of life.

1/3 of the population will be Gen Z shoppers by 2028 – m1ndset

Dufry Emotion+: an innovative travel retail advertising solution

Virality: fundamental to Gen Z shoppers

By combining these insights, Mondelez WTR:
This group also has a significantly higher tendency than Millennials, and all travelers, to be local touch seekers, which is why the innovative incorporation of various sense of place elements is crucial for this campaign to attract Gen Z travelers.


Complimenting the digital innovation at the core of this campaign was the creative and engaging Cadbury ‘Sense of Place’ storytelling.

The chocolate bar’s detailed design featured a skyline of London’s most popular sights like Big Ben and London Bridge.  In addition, the packaging, designed to look like a book from the side, nodded to Britain’s role in literature, while the activation effectively told the brand story.

All these carefully thought-out elements came together to create an impactful connection between the consumer and Cadbury.


Mondelez WTR’s dedication to advancing digital innovation in the industry is marked by our efforts to experiment with the ordinary to deliver and delight travelers with the extraordinary.

First time using cutting edge technology

Cadbury’s Laser-Engraved Bars marked our first time using cutting edge technology to produce fine detailing on chocolate bars, presenting a host of opportunity to advance our winning product portfolio. Furthermore, our strategic branding around the campaign highlighted how experimentation pays off.

By housing the laser-etched bar in a glass display – synonymous to premium product presentation – we immersed passengers in an exclusive shopping experience, whilst highlighting the digital innovation used to create the product.

Another area we experimented with was packaging. The bar is housed in a striking signature Cadbury-purple box with gold-embossed detailing, accentuating the laser-etching technology.

By adding layering to the structure, the packaging created an ‘unboxing’ experience that engaged with the customer, creating a memorable moment. Another interactive packaging element was the exclusive certificate of authenticity, each one was marked with a unique number that verified its identity, this detail added an air of exclusivity to the experience.

All bars Sold out in 2 weeks

The limited-edition launch of Cadbury Dairy Milk Laser-Engraved Bars was bolstered by digital innovation, an omnichannel strategy and creative storytelling, resulting in all bars selling out within 2 weeks. The activation was supported by interactive and engaging elements that created a memorable shopping moment and resulting in a positive connection between the brand and consumer.

Packaging Innovation


Perfect representation of UK because of Cadbury and UK landmarks

Concept Seen as new,
unique, different,
never seen before

*Even those who didn’t end up buying, took a picture with it as they thought it looked REALLY COOL!

Beyond B2B

Though Cadbury Dairy Milk laser-etched bars were exclusively available in travel retail and widely covered by B2B outlets, the success of the experimental campaign spread beyond the channel. Various B2C media platforms around the world covered the innovative product launch, highlighting the groundbreaking nature of the laser-etched bars for Mondelez WTR and consumers.  

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